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    Win the Winter: Major Hearthstone tournament at DreamHack Leipzig

    Win The Winter

    DreamHack Leipzig is hosting its own e-sports tournament this coming January for the very first time with “Win the Winter”. The Blizzard classic Hearthstone will be played. No players will be invited directly since “Win the Winter” is purely an open tournament. Even professional players first have to prove themselves, so that all participants have a real and identical chance at winning the tournament.

    Online qualifying is being held from December 18 through 21. The 32 best players are going to be selected from more than 250. These 32 players will receive a free event ticket from TakeTV for the DreamHack Leipzig.

    On-site qualifying is possible at a Win the Winter Area at DreamExpo designed especially for the purpose. 32 starting positions are being given out in the Win the Winter Area on a first come, first served basis. Registration begins on January 26 at 11:00 am. The eight best players out of these 64 will be determined on the first day of DreamHack Leipzig. The LAN qualifiers are being held in the same night in the LAN Area. Once again the best eight out of 64 players will qualify for the final round. Registration for the LAN qualifiers is via the Win the Winter website on January 26 from 7:00 to 11:00 pm.

    The 16 remaining players will be divided into four groups, from which the eight participants for the finals will be selected on day two. On the last day of the DreamHack Leipzig, the top 8 will then play for the tournament win in a Single Elimination Bracket.

    The following prizes await the top 8:

    1st place: EUR 5,000

    2nd place: EUR 2,000

    3rd and 4th place: EUR 1,000

    5th through 8th place: EUR 250

    For most rounds in the tournament, players have to bring their own Hearthstone-capable devices – tablet, mobile phone or laptop.

    For complete information, visit www.winthewinter.de

    Visit the official Win the Winter Discord channel here: https://discordapp.com/invite/TFAkftj

    Win the Winter is produced by TakeTV.

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