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    Questions & problems

    If there is anything you are uncertain about, send your questions to:

    E-Mail: cosplaycontest@dreamhack-leipzig.de
    Facebook: Cosplay Contest Event

    General information

    We ask all cosplayers to dress up and complete their styling and make-up at home or in their hotel rooms if at all possible. There is only a very limited number of changing rooms. Do not leave any hair in the sinks or clouds of hairspray in the sanitary facilities – it is unfair towards other DreamHack visitors. Anyone who makes a mess can be held liable for the cleaning of our sanitary facilities.

    Always use common sense! Be courteous and reasonable towards all participants and visitors of DreamHack. Banned weapons must not be brought into the hall. Anyone who tries will lose their ticket, be banned from the premises and disqualified from the competition. It does not matter whether the owner of the weapon has a licence allowing them to carry their weapon.

    Rules regarding weapons

    Banned weapons include:

    • Real firearms, airsoft guns, gas pistols (including unloaded ones), real ammunition
    • Pyrotechnics, explosives (firecrackers, fireworks, etc.)
    • Throwing weapons (e.g. throwing stars, darts, throwing knives)
    • Knuckledusters, clubs, steel rods
    • Strangling weapons (e.g. nunchaku)
    • Impact and stabbing weapons with sharp/blunt metal blades or spikes (e.g. katanas, swords, sabres, machetes, axes, morning stars, knives of any kind)

    Please ensure that imitation weapons are clearly labelled as such! Avoid carrying your weapons in the public sphere (e.g. public transport). Use cases or sheaths when in public. In light of recent events, here is an example of how not to do it: "Munich police bust men with toy guns on bus"

    Permitted imitation weapons include the following (in consideration of the conditions described above!):

    • Imitation weapons made from foam, rubber, cardboard, soft plastic (toy weapons)
    • All imitation impact and stabbing weapons must be blunted
    • Pointed items, such as spears and arrows, must be flexible
    • LARP weapons (Live-Action Roleplay – normally foam or latex replicas with a stabilising core)
    • Weapons and staves made from wood, cardboard, plastics, soft materials, foams (e.g. construction foam), thermoplastic materials or combinations thereof with a total length of no more than 1.5 metres or
    • Walking sticks and staves with a total length of no more than 2 metres
    • Scythe blades with a length of no more than 0.8 metres
    • Functionless bows without real strings (max. length: 1.50 m) and quivers containing imitation arrows only
    • Strangling weapons (e.g. nunchaku) with non-metallic chains and a predetermined breaking point
    • Riding crops (max. length: 1 m), whips (max. length 1.50 m including the whiplash)
    • Banned materials include all types of metal (if the metal portion is larger than the non-metal portion) – all real and decorative swords are banned. Acrylic glass (due to sharpness, especially in imitation impact and stabbing weapons) and wood thicker than 3 cm (e.g. baseball bats) are banned.

    Exercise special caution when handling the following types of weapons:

    • Imitation and replica firearms made from metal or metal/wood
    • Impact or stabbing weapons with blades made from wood, plastic, etc. (e.g. katanas, swords, sabres, machetes, axes, all types of knives except pocket knives)
    • Staves or canes made from wood, metal, fibreglass, hard plastic or combinations thereof, including equipment in multiple parts (e.g. kendo gear, bamboo swords, spears, etc.)

    If you are unsure about something, please ask us! DreamHack is not a cosplay convention, and our entrance staff are not trained to deal with cosplay-related issues. In case of any doubt, let us know – we will welcome you at the entrance and make sure that your weapons/costume components are stored safely.

    Legal basis of the rules on weapons – German Arms Act (WaffG):

    Section 1: Subject and purpose of the act, definitions


    (2) Weapons are firearms or equivalent objects and portable objects,

    a) that are specifically intended to eliminate or reduce the ability of others to attack or defend themselves, especially impact weapons;

    b) that are suitable, albeit not specifically intended, for reducing the ability of others to attack or defend themselves, and that are mentioned in this act.

    Section 42: Ban on carrying weapons during public events

    (1) Participants of public amusement events, fairs, sports events, trade fairs, exhibitions, markets or similar public events must not carry weapons as defined in Section 1 Paragraph 2.


    (4) Paragraphs 1 to 3 do not apply

    to participants in theatre plays and events to be treated as equivalent thereto if (...) weapons as defined in Section 1 Paragraph 2 No. 2 are carried for the purpose of their performance


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