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    Seat bookings


    In 2020, we will for the first time perform the seating by clan size. This means that a timely seating will no longer be bound to the ticket category purchased but to the group strength of your clan. This will be done in the following steps.

    • Clans ≥ 15 Members as of 11.11.2019
    • Clans ≥ 10 Members as of 12.11.2019
    • Clans ≥ 5 Members as of 13.11.2019
    • Clans ≥ 2 Members as of 14.11.2019
    • Individuals as of 15.11.2019

    How does it work in detail?

    The clan leader receives a mail with the seating code on the key date (depending on clan size) and can then immediately block the seat area that was selected for his/her clan. The seats for the whole clan are blocked and cannot be selected by other LAN participants anymore! All members of the clan receive a mail after the Leader has blocked the seat area and can then seate themselves within this area. You will find the seating plan here in due time.

    After a clan has been placed no more members can be added to it.

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