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    Main tournaments powered by ROG

    With a great pool of prizes that includes hardware worth €20,000 and recognition in the form of trophies, medals and certificates (in this order) from DreamHack Leipzig! In addition, we are pleased about the extras offered by Label-the-Cable.

    Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

    Format: 5v5; Size: 128 teams; Mode: GP (BO1) SE (BO1) Semi-Final (BO3) Final (BO3)

    Prize pool

    • 1st place: ROG Strix XG258Q
    • 2nd place: ROG Claymore
    • 3rd place: ROG Gladius II

    League of Legends

    Format: 5v5; Size: 32 teams

    Wild-card tournament (BO1) to participate in the quarter-final (BO3) of the ROG League of Legends Cup.

    Prize pool

    • 1st place: 1x 2,500 euros
    • 2nd place: ROG Strix XG25VQ gaming monitor with 240 Hz – 4th place: ROG Claymore gaming keyboard, ROG Gladius II gaming mouse, ROG Sheath mega mouse pad
    • 5th – 8th place: ROG Gladius II gaming mouse, ROG GM50 gaming mouse pad, ROG Shuttle II backpack, ROG Ranger Compact Case mouse transport bag
    • 1st-3rd place at the LAN tournament will definitely receive the DreamHack Leipzig Award.


    Format: 1v1; Size: 128 teams; Mode: GP (BO3) SE (BO3) Semi-Final (BO3) Final (BO5)

    Not to be mistaken for the Win The Winter Hearthstone tournament. Players can register for the LAN qualifiers via the Win the Winter website, with registration open from 7 pm to 11 pm on 26 January. Lots of additional information here.

    Prize pool

    • 1st prize: Fusion 300

    Heroes of the Storm

    Format: 5v5; Size: 32 teams; Mode: GP (BO2) SE (BO3) Semi-Final (BO3) Final (BO5)

    Prize pool

    • 1st place: ROG Gladius II + ROG Strix Edge

    Rocket League

    Format: 3v3; Size: 32 teams; Mode: GP (BO3) SE (BO3) Semi-Final (BO5) Final (BO5)

    Prize pool

    • 1st place: Fusion 300


    Format: 6v6; Size: 32 teams; Mode: GP (BO2) SE (BO2) Semi-Final (BO3) Final (BO5)

    Prize pool

    • 1st place: ROG Strix XG258Q
    • 2nd place: ROG Claymore
    • 3rd place: ROG Gladius II
    • 3. Platz: ROG Gladius II

    LAN Turnierpreise

    Extension contests

    The extension contests have been arranged and are open for registration:

    • Battlefield 4 5on5
    • Counter-Strike 1.6 5on5
    • Counter-Strike: GO 2on2
    • Counter-Strike: GO 2on2 AIM
    • StarCraft II: LOTV 1on1
    • StarCraft: Remastered 1on1
    • AoE 2 HD: The Forgotten
    • Blobby Volley
    • Call of Duty 4: MW
    • Dota 2
    • Fifa 18 1on1
    • Fifa 18 2on2
    • Quake 3 Arena 1on1
    • Rainbow Six Siege
    • Rocket League 2on2
    • StarCraft II: LOTV 2on2 Archon
    • UT 2004 Instagib 1on1
    • Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne

    Prize pool

    An awards ceremony with prizes from Trust and LIONCAST and at least one winner’s certificate awaits the two best players in the extension contests.

    Prizes by LIONCAST

    • 1st place: LM30 gaming mouse
    • 2nd place: LX50 gaming headset
    • 3rd place: LK12 gaming keyboard

    Prizes by TRUST Gaming

    • 1st place: Trust CADA, 7.1 DION, XORE, GXT353, HERON, LABAN

    Would you like to see other tournaments? Then seize the initiative, get together (at Discord or in the forum) and contact the tournament organisers. They will then set up a community tournament for you and take care of the communication. Additional information regarding community contests.

    Offline contests

    For some technology-free relaxation, we have offline contests in table football, Jenga, paper-rock-scissors and coin tossing in store. The information and registration process will be provided in the traditional way using flip charts at the support centre.

    Prize pool

    • 1st place: Glory and honour
    • 2nd place: Glory and honour
    • 3rd place: Glory and honour

    Registration & tournament system

    In order to participate in the main and extension contests, you will need:

    • a seat in the LAN area
    • a forum account with a registered Discord ID and the e-mail address linked to your tournament account
    • your contest registration via turniere.dreamhack-leipzig.de

    Now it’s all out in the open! We look forward to seeing you!

    LAN powered by ROG

    Partner 2019

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