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    It doesn’t matter what, where or how you play it. In the classical combination of Display and Desktop-PC – supported by an ultrafast SSD – with a mobile device or a console on your TV. Samsung has the right Gaming Hardware for you.


    Nic Nacs

    That’s mana for a gamer’s life: NicNac’s is the ultimate double-crunch-peanut to take your snacking game to the next level! Enjoy these delicious peanuts with their crunchy and savory dough. Best snack in this world and any other – virtual or not!

    NicNac’s is a brand of the Alexander Nut Group GmbH, a sister company of Lorenz Snack-World.


    Knoppers Nussriegel

    Knoppers Nussriegel is exclusive sponsoring partner for the DreamHack Leipzig 2019. This means multi-layered support in true Knoppers style. The unique combination of the popular Knoppers flavour with an extra portion of hazelnuts, caramel and chocolate makes it perfect. So: Tear open, take a bite and reload!

    Knoppers Nussriegel – the first bar in true Knoppers style.

    Gaming Chairs powered by Maxxnomic


    Need for Seat

    No matter if used for gaming, office or just because you like them: MAXNOMIC® eSports seats are a sporty alternative to an ordinary office chair!

    MAXNOMIC® chairs by NEEDforSEAT® have got the looks and provide your back with the ideal support while spending hours sitting in front of the computer. Comfy office chair and eSports / gaming seat in one! That’s exactly what MAXNOMIC® eSports seats offer.

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