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    Price for empty floor space (from 9 m²)*
    Row stand144,90 EUR/m²
    Corner stand149,90 EUR/m²
    Peninsula stand154,90 EUR/m²
    Island stand159,90 EUR/m²
    Tournament area**79,90 EUR/m²

    Deductions on total stand area***
    from 101 m²: € 3.00 / m²
    from 151 m²: € 5.00 / m²
    from 201 m²: € 8.00 / m²

    When booking one of our sponsorship packages (PDF, 2.1 MB), you may receive a discount on the rent of the stand area.

    * Start-up prices on request.
    ** An area qualifies as tournament space if only competitions (e-sport, TCG) are held there throughout the entire event. Such areas must furthermore provide a permanent space for spectators. Tournament spaces may not be used for exhibition purposes.

    *** Cannot be combined with other discounts.

    Obligatory contributions:
    Advertising and media fee: € 150.00 (entry into the online directory of exhibitors, entry into the DreamGuide, fixed event application fee)
    AUMA contribution: € 0.60 / m2. All prices are subject to VAT (http://www.auma.de/de/Messelexikon/Seiten/Default.aspx?filterBy=AUMA-Austellerbeitrag)

    Optional contributions:
    Co-exhibitor fee: € 550.00 (fixed media fee included)

    Additionally represented company / brand: € 200.00 (fixed media fee included)

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