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    Prepare for arrival


    You're not you when you're hyped. You can download a small checklist here so that you don't forget the important things for the LAN at home.


    Otherwise like always you can ask the community on Discord. They are always ready to give a tip or two.

    Important notes beyond that:

    • you need to bring your ticket printed
    • for the LANers now only P1 is available
    • if you travel by car via the A14 please take exit 24 (Leipzig-Messegelände)
    • if you arrive by car via Maximilianallee/B2, you can reach P1 via Messe-Allee
    • details can be found in Level 6
    • from the tram stop on the Merkurpromenade, a shuttle will take you to the east entrance (Important note: this is NOT the LAN entrance, so please walk around hall 5 to enter the entrance)

    LAN Checklist

    Security note

    You are completely responsible for the safety of your items (except for the gaming chairs you bring with you). So bring enough cable ties, security locks or the like and secure your hardware. Always carry small valuables with you when you leave your seat or ask your friends or neighbours to keep an eye on your belongings. Never, never, never, never ever leave your cell phone or wallet unattended.



    • newest updates for games and os installed
    • newest drivers installed


    • computer (incl. all cables)
    • distribution board
    • monitor (incl. all cables)
    • keyboard, mouse, mousepad and/or controller
    • games console
    • headset, streaming camera
    • streaming camera
    • gaming chair
    • mobile phone + charger
    • external hard drive
    • screw driver
    • cable tie/duct tape
    • security locks, padlocks and/or kensington lock

    Relaxing accessories

    • sleeping bag/air mattress + pillow and blanket
    • spare clothes (The temperatures in the LAN area may vary!)
    • hygiene and health products
    • toothbrush and toothpaste
    • shampoo/shower gel/soap/deodorant
    • ear plugs
    • relevant medicine required (painkillers,…)

    Food & beverages

    • fruits + vegetables
    • sweets + snack food
    • beverages


    • Identity document (ID card, driver’s license or passport)
    • LAN ticket (digital or hard copy)
    • Helga summoned (as follows: HEEEEEEEEEEEELGAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
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