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    Press release from 1/15/17 | DreamHack Leipzig

    Level 2 complete: gamers throng to the second DreamHack Leipzig

    From 13 to 15 January 2017, the Leipzig Trade Fair was transformed into a giant festival for gamers from throughout Europe. Over the course of three days, 15,000 enthusiastic visitors (including 1,500 LAN participants) witnessed exciting e-sports tournaments, celebrated spectacular events, and tested innovations at the stands of the DreamExpo. There were 56 hours of non-stop play at Germany's biggest LAN party. "The second DreamHack Leipzig was a huge success which even managed to surpass the excellent première of the previous year. Thanks to the close collaboration between everyone involved, within the space of just one year the festival has developed into a highlight event for gamers", explains Markus Geisenberger, Managing Director of the Leipzig Trade Fair, adding: "Leipzig is ready for Level 3 of DreamHack next year."

    Co-organiser XMG also has a highly positive verdict. "As the initiator, we are pleased that the triumvirate of DreamHack AB, Leipziger Messe and XMG managed to use the groundwork of the première to make this year's DreamHack even bigger, more beautiful and varied. The uniformly positive feedback from talks with visitors, LAN participants and business partners fills us with anticipation for DreamHack Leipzig 2018", summarises Robert Schenker, Managing Director of Schenker Technologies/XMG.

    Festival-goers travelled from far and wide to take part in DreamHack Leipzig. Nearly every fourth visitor travelled more than 300 kilometres, and there were visitors from a total of 14 countries present. The proportion of female guests rose from 15 to 19 percent. The evaluation of the visitor satisfaction survey shows that the ticket-purchase was well worth it. Thus 95 percent of those surveyed said that they will return to Leipzig for DreamHack in the coming year. In total, 97 percent would also recommend the gaming festival to friends and acquaintances.

    "We are thrilled with how DreamHack Leipzig 2017 went. The audience in Leipzig were fantastic, and we are already looking forward 2018, when we will make DreamHack even bigger and better in Germany", says Fredrik Nyström, Press Officer for DreamHack AB, the event's Swedish founder.

    The enthusiasm among visitors and organisers also ensured a good mood among the exhibitors at the DreamExpo. "DreamHack is becoming bigger. That's a positive development. It's an ambitious audience we meet here in Leipzig, and we get to present our brand to end-consumers. We are extremely pleased with the positive feedback at our stand. I assume that we will be back for DreamHack 2018. We plan to present our brand over the long term", says Andreas Catta, Sales Director DACH at Ballistix.

    E-sports tournaments as audience magnets

    DreamHack Open 2017 got under way with a three-day-long tournament between eight CS:GO teams, who battled it out for the sought-after winners' trophy and prize money totalling 100,000 US dollars. There was also great enthusiasm over the première of "The Tentactic Tournament", during which team captains Dhalucard and Leipzig-based e-sports veteran TLO and their teams competed against each other in 10 different games. Dhalucard and his team were eventually able to secure victory in this exciting duel. Additional tournament highlights included "Das Törnament" with LeFloid and others on Friday evening, and the FIFA17 tournament on Sunday afternoon with numerous professional players from Schalke 04 and other clubs. The Pokémon Regional Championships were also held at DreamHack Leipzig for the first time, with prize money totalling 50,000 US dollars.

    Participants praise Germany's biggest LAN party

    The LAN area, which grew from 500 to a total of 1,500 places, was once again the biggest event of its kind in Germany. This year, participants were able to play with and against each other for 56 hours straight in a dedicated hall. Many other visitor requests from the previous year were also implemented – for example, there was a considerably greater range of tournaments, with non-cash prizes worth over 10,000 euros in total. The great atmosphere was fundamentally the result of the perfect technical infrastructure, which ensured that the LAN party went without a hitch. At peak times, 6.5 gigabytes of data zoomed through the connections, and by the end of the festival around 70 terabytes of data had been uploaded to and downloaded from the internet. One heavy user even achieved a data throughput of almost 400 gigabytes.

    Variety as a hallmark of DreamHack Leipzig

    This year, DreamHack Leipzig demonstrated even more impressively that its great strength lies in its variety. Alongside e-ports, the DreamExpo and LAN party, the festival provided all the ingredients for an adventure-packed weekend – from bargain-hunting at the DreamStore by Media Markt and a meet & greet with the celebrity denizens of the Stream Area, through to the cosplay contest, which drew in large crowds to the public area surrounding the event stage. The Twitch Lounge from Amazon.de played host to a number of celebrity guests, and the Ballistix installation competitions drew in dozens of ambitious competitors.

    The B2B area has established itself as an important component

    The e-sports forum of the ESB Marketing Network was held for the first time as part of DreamHack Leipzig. Around 100 participants used the opportunity to inform themselves about the commercial potential of e-sports during lectures and discussion panels. During the subsequent glimpse in front of and behind the scenes, representatives from a variety of businesses were able to see from some specific examples what opportunities are opening up in the gaming sector. The extent of the commercial interest is revealed by the proportion of trade visitors to DreamHack Leipzig, at over 10 percent.

    The next DreamHack Leipzig will take place from 12 to 14 January 2018.

    Feedback on DreamHack Leipzig

    Long-term brand presentation
    DreamHack is becoming bigger. That's a positive development. It's an ambitious audience we meet here in Leipzig, and we get to present our brand to end-consumers. We are extremely pleased with the positive feedback at our stand. I assume that we will be back for DreamHack 2018. We plan to present our brand over the long term.

    Andreas Catta, Sales Director DACH, Ballistix.

    Huge crowds
    We are thrilled with how the three days went. As far as we're concerned, DreamHack was a complete success. In the DreamStore powered by Media Markt, the crowds were at times so huge that you couldn't get through. Many DreamHack visitors made good use of the special DreamHack promotions, buying many a bargain. People were also queuing up to visit the Media Markt VR truck. On board the 18-metre-long vehicle, visitors could try out all the current VR systems and immerse themselves in virtual worlds.

    Eva Simmelbauer, Press Spokesperson, Media Markt Germany

    Anticipation for 2018
    This was our second time at DreamHack. We support the event and are regular faces at the DreamHack in Sweden with our Republic of Gamers brand. Here in Leipzig we meet exactly the right target group. Our game stations were busy throughout the event. The right people come; we are very satisfied. We look forward to 2018.

    Daniel Möllendorf, PR Manager, ASUS

    A gathering of hardcore gamers
    We were already represented at the première, and we came again this year to exhibit our products at the Expo. At DreamHack we meet the hardcore gamers. That's exactly our target group. We are extremely pleased with the positive feedback from visitors. We had nothing but positive feedback on our new premium Aorus brand. We are open to taking part again in 2018.

    Stephan Schünke, PR Manager Notebooks DACH, Gigabyte

    DreamHack is cool
    As a Berlin-based company, we have long had an emotional connection to Leipzig. What we love most about DreamHack is the proximity to customers. The visitors have time on their hands and are very interested. Events like this are the future for us. This is what working at a trade fair should be like. DreamHack is cool. We will be back next year.

    Thomas Dlugaiczyk, General Manager, Games Academy

    Satisfied with the large visitor numbers
    DreamHack is the ideal opportunity to meet our customer group. We were surprised by the size of the event, and are pleased with the large number of visitors to our stand. Our illuminated RGB keyboards were very popular, which was reflected in the sales figures at the DreamStore. We will be back here next year.

    Yannick Friedsam, PR Manager DACH, Corsair

    The atmosphere is great
    We will definitely be back next year. There was great demand for our accessories for gaming PCs, PS4 and Xbox One. We were kept very busy answering visitors' questions at our stand for the duration of the event. The atmosphere in Leipzig is great. The audience like us.

    Emma Niederer, PR Coordinator, Trust International

    Happy with positive development
    This was our first time at DreamHack, and we really wanted to experience the atmosphere of the event. This is why we not only had a stand, but also erected a stage. The audience loved this, and we had great fun. We were surprised by how many visitors there were. As a Leipzig-based company, we just have to be there, and are above all pleased with the positive development of DreamHack.

    Claudia Schindela, Global head of Gaming, Pixelcotton

    One hundred percent our target audience
    Leipzig is a must-go event. We can position our products perfectly, and meet our target audience one hundred percent. It was also our aim to give visitors a good time. We were very successful in this. Our verdict is a positive one and we will return next year.

    Maciej Wieczorek, Senior Marketing Manager, Zotac

    ESB Marketing Network: e-sports forum
    Thousands of onlookers, exciting tournaments and plenty of emotion. That's e-sports. That's DreamHack Leipzig. And at the heart of it all, rather than just the periphery, were guests of the ESB e-sports forum. E-sports insiders spoke with sponsors and brand representatives about the unique features, opportunities and prospects of e-sports. More than 100 audience-members not only experienced exciting talks and a perfect networking platform, but also received behind-the-scenes insights into DreamHack Leipzig 2017 during an exclusive tour. A complete success that will be continued next year. A big thanks to Leipziger Messe and Sport1, who are the partners of the ESB Marketing Network and are in large part responsible for the success of the event.

    Daniel Luther, Project Manager Digital & E-Sports, ESB Marketing Network

    About DreamHack Leipzig

    DreamHack Leipzig is the official German platform of the Swedish DreamHack, the world's largest e-sports festival, with events in countries including Sweden, France, Britain, Spain and Romania. DreamHack is also a production company which focuses on gaming, e-sports, music and arena productions for traditional television as well as the internet. With more than 13,000 visitors, DreamHack Leipzig celebrated its première from 22 to 24 January 2016 and will now take place annually. Its organiser is Leipziger Messe GmbH, together with Schenker Technologies GmbH as co-organiser and DreamHack AB as its founder. The festival's main features are numerous professional e-sports tournaments with prize money totalling six figures, the DreamExpo exhibition with its DreamStore, and a LAN area with over 1,000 seats. DreamHack Leipzig's festival feel is rounded off with a comprehensive gaming-themed events programme on all three days. Additional information can be found at www.dreamhack-leipzig.de/en

    Partners of DreamHack Leipzig 2017

    XMG is the cult gaming brand of Schenker Technologies GmbH, one of the leading providers of individually configurable laptops and desktop PCs. Since the brand's launch over 10 years ago, numerous XMG gaming notebooks and PCs have won awards from the German and international media. XMG sponsors and supports players, teams and events throughout Europe.

    Ballistix is the only gaming brand which from start to finish is completely built and tested by Micron as one of the largest memory-device manufacturers. Hard drives and SSDs from Ballistix take gaming performance to the next level – supported by competitive guarantees, a passionate fan community and a dedicated gamer support team.

    Amazon is guided by four basic principles: Focus on the customer rather than the competition, a passion for invention, a commitment to operational excellence and long-term thinking. Customer reviews, 1-click shopping, personalised recommendations,, Prime, shipping by Amazon, AWS, Kindle Direct Publishing, Kindle, Fire Tablets, Fire TV, Amazon Echo and Alexa are just some of the products and services for which Amazon has done pioneering work.

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